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Elk Meadows - Park City, UT

Elk Meadows is located at the top of the Majestic Wasatch Mountain range in the mountain resort town of Park City.  Park City’s unique surroundings and cultural events offer activities for every life styles.  Park City is home of world class ski resorts, Olympic training, Art Museums, theatrical productions, Sundance Film festival and surrounded by hiking trails, fishing holes, boating reservoirs and rock climbing.  Having all these events wrapped up into one city makes Park City feel like a global village as people from all over the world come to Park City at all times of year.  Elk Meadows residents enjoy all the events this mountain resort town has to offer as the apartment complex is nestled in this beautiful mountain range.




Multifamily - Affordable**


2627 West Kilby Road
Park City, UT 84098


(435) 647-9365


(435) 647-0863
Steadfast Companies - Elk Meadows
Affordable may include projects financed in whole or in part with the proceeds of tax exempt bonds, low income housing tax credits, or HUD funding sources. *Steadfast sponsored REIT managed by Steadfast Management Company, Inc. **Third party managed by Steadfast Management Company, Inc.
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