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Steadfast Companies

About Us 会社概要

Real Estate with Real Integrity真の誠実性を備えた不動産

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Since our formation in 1994, Steadfast Companies and its affiliates have developed into an integrated, multifaceted real estate investment management company that today owns and/or operates a diverse portfolio of more than $5.4 billion across the United States and Mexico. Steadfast Companies is driven by its mission to pursue real estate investment, development and management opportunities responsibly and with integrity for the benefit of our investors, partners, tenants, associates and the community. Our professionals are dedicated to consistently delivering solutions that produce superior results.

Our team is able to quickly evaluate and pursue investment opportunities in real estate, while also adding value through the management and oversight of those investments. Steadfast carries a deep commitment to those that entrust us with their real estate needs and are committed to the long-term success of every client for each assignment.

  • Since 1994, Steadfast has acquired, refurbished or developed more than 40,000 apartment units
  • Currently owns and/or operates more than 27,535 units in 17 states across the United States
  • Owns and oversees the management of three resorts and two commercial projects in Mexico
  • Maintains a strong interest in community outreach
1994 年の設立以来、Steadfast Companies とその関連会社は、統合された多面的な不動産投資管理会社として発展し、今日では米国とメキシコで 35 億ドル以上の多様なポートフォリオを所有、運用しています。Steadfast Companies は、投資家、パートナー、テナント、従業員、地域コミュニティのために、不動産投資、不動産開発、不動産管理の機会を、責任と誠実を持って追求するという使命に基づいて、業務に取り組んでいます。専門性を備えた当社の従業員は、常に優れた結果を生むソリューションを提供することに専心しています。


  • 1994 年以来、Steadfast は 40,000 軒以上のアパートを取得、改装、開発しています。
  • 現在では、全米の 23 州で、28,309 軒以上の物件を所有、管理しています。
  • メキシコで、3 つのリゾートおよび 2 つの商業プロジェクトの管理と運用を行っています。
  • 地域コミュニティとの深いさまざまな取り組みを行っています。
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We've got an apartment home for you.住まい探しのサポートを提供します。
real estate with real integrity real estate with real integrity真の誠実性を備えた不動産
learn about our community outreach programs learn about our community outreach programs地域コミュニティ プログラムの詳細を見る