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Balanced Expertise, Seamless Executionバランスのとれた専門知識、シームレスな実行

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Steadfast Companies provides a comprehensive spectrum of commercial real estate services that work seamlessly together to provide our investors, partners and tenants optimum, measurable results. We have extensive experience and leadership in real estate & development, property management, investment management and capital markets in addition to offering real estate investment products.

Real Estate & Development

Steadfast Companies has acquired, developed or redeveloped more than $6.6 billion of residential, commercial, and resort property throughout the United States and Mexico since 1994.

Property Management

Steadfast Management Company, Inc. provides property management services for its residential and commercial properties, with expertise in all categories of multifamily, industrial, retail, and office projects.

Investment Management

Our investment management professionals’ work diligently to provide direction and oversight required to execute a comprehensive plan for each of our assets and to responsibly fulfill our fiduciary duty to our partners, whether institutional or individual.

Capital Markets

Stira Capital Markets Group is the securities and financial services division of Steadfast Companies and it’s our goal to leverage the company’s experience and track record to offer best-in-class investment programs through the retail broker-dealer and institutional channels.

Steadfast Companies は、投資家、パートナー、テナントに、最適かつ測定可能な結果を提供するための、シームレスに連携する包括的な商業用不動産サービスを提供します。Steadfast Companies は、不動産、開発、不動産管理、投資管理、資本市場における豊富な経験を持ち、リーダーシップを備え、さらに不動産投資商品を提供しています。


Steadfast Companies は 1994 年以来、米国とメキシコにわたって、6.6 億ドル以上の住宅、商業施設、リゾート施設の取得、開発、再開発を手がけています。


Steadfast Management Company, Inc. は、住宅および商業用不動産の不動産管理サービスを提供しており、集合住宅、工業用、小売、オフィスなどのプロジェクトのすべての分野での専門性を備えています。




Stira Capital Markets Group は、Steadfast Companies の証券および金融サービス部門であり、当社の経験と実績を活用して、小売ブローカー、ディーラー、機関チャネルを通じて、最高クラスの投資プログラムを提供することを目標としています。

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