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Honesty, Integrity & Experience are Our Foundation誠実性と豊富な経験が当社の基盤です。

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The history of Steadfast Companies is best described by steady development and progression into an integrated and multifaceted real estate investment management company. Steadfast was initially founded in 1994 by Rodney F. Emery, its Chairman and CEO. The company began with the acquisition of a single multifamily apartment project in Hollywood, California, and leveraged the success of that transaction into what Steadfast has become today.Today, Steadfast is building upon its rich history and deep real estate operating, investment and management experience. The company is devoting its attention to investor needs while further developing investment strategies and structures that provide unique yield-driven opportunities through a variety of investment vehicles.

Steadfast Milestones

  • 1994 – Steadfast Companies is founded by Rodney F. Emery.
  • 1995 – First multifamily property acquired with two institutional partners, sold 18 months later at a significant profit.
  • 1999 – Multifamily portfolio grows to 38 properties.
  • 2000 – Steadfast Management Company, Inc. is formed.
  • 2002 – Steadfast expands to pursue retail, industrial and office properties.
  • 2005 – Steadfast expands again to pursue resort properties in the U.S. and Mexico.
  • 2006 – Multifamily portfolio spans 18 states with over 120 properties owned and/or managed.
  • 2009 – Steadfast Capital Markets Group is launched to offer investment programs through retail broker-dealers and institutional channels.
  • 2010 – Steadfast introduces Steadfast Income REIT, a publicly-registered, non-traded REIT.
  • 2013 – Steadfast Income REIT closes its public offering with over $735 million raised and a portfolio of 61 multifamily properties in 11 states. Steadfast Apartment REIT, Steadfast’s second publicly-registered, non-traded REIT goes effective.
  • 2014 – With additional Steadfast multifamily acquisitions, Steadfast Management Company manages over 27,000 units in 25 states.
  • 2015 – Steadfast Management Company continues to grow with management of more than 36,000 units.
  • 2016 – Steadfast Apartment REIT closes its public offering with over $700 million raised and a portfolio of 31 apartment communities in 11 states. Steadfast Apartment REIT III, the company’s third publicly-registered, non-traded REIT goes effective.
  • 2017 – Steadfast launches Steadfast Alcentra Global Credit Fund, a closed-end fund that intends to provide credit to middle-market companies throughout the United States and parts of Western Europe.
  • 2018 – Steadfast re-brands Capital Markets Group and Global Credit Fund as Stira.

Steadfast Companies はこれまで、着実な開発と成長により、統合された多面的な不動産投資管理会社へと進化してきました。Steadfast は、1994年に当社の会長兼 CEO である Rodney F. Emery によって設立されました。当社は、カリフォルニア州ハリウッドで 1 棟の集合住宅物件を取得し、その成功が今日の Steadfast につながっています。

現在では、Steadfast は成功の歴史を踏まえ、不動産の運用、投資、管理の深い経験を備えて、業務に取り組んでいます。投資家のニーズを重視し、さまざまな投資手段を通じて、優れた利回りの機会を提供する、投資の戦略と手法をさらに進化させています。

Steadfast の沿革

  • 1994 – Rodney F. Emery が Steadfast Companies を設立。
  • 1995 – 2 社のパートナー企業と共に、最初の集合住宅物件を取得。18 か月後に大幅な利益で売却。
  • 1999 – 集合住宅物件ポートフォリオが 38 物件に成長。
  • 2000 – Steadfast Management Company, Inc. を設立。
  • 2002 – Steadfast 小売、工業、オフィス向け不動産物件に事業を拡大。
  • 2005 – 米国とメキシコのリゾート物件に事業を拡大。
  • 2006 – 全米 18 州にわたる 120 物件の集合住宅ポートフォリオを所有、管理。
  • 2009 – Steadfast Capital Markets Group を設立し、小売ブローカー、ディーラー、機関投資家を通じて、投資プログラムを提供。
  • 2010 – 公開登録、非公開売買の不動産投資信託である Steadfast Income REIT を設立。
  • 2013 – Steadfast Income REIT が株式公開し、7 億 3500 万ドル以上を調達。11 州で 61 物件の集合住宅ポートフォリオを所有、管理。2 つめの公開登録、非公開売買の不動産投資信託である、Steadfast Apartment REIT を設立。
  • 2014 – 引き続き集合住宅物件を取得し、Steadfast Management Company は 25 州の 27,000 軒を管理。
  • 2015 – Steadfast Management Company は 36,000 軒以上の物件を管理。
  • 2016 – Steadfast Apartment REIT が株式公開し、7 億ドル以上を調達。11 州で 31 物件のアパート コミュニティを所有、管理。3 つめの公開登録、非公開売買の不動産投資信託である、Steadfast Apartment REIT III を設立。
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